I’m Robert Habermeier, a researcher, developer, and investor in tech.

My professional focus has been on the blockchain space, starting with Ethereum and continuing with Polkadot. I’m a member of the Polkadot Fellowship.

I have worked in distributed systems, peer-to-peer networking, and Rust for close to a decade.

I occasionally angel invest in and advise new companies.

Welcome to my site.

This site is mirrored on IPFS/IPNS.

The ENS name rph.eth directs to this site and can be accessed via a gateway, e.g. rph.eth.limo.

Current Projects


I was a founding engineer of the Polkadot Network, a 3rd-generation blockchain for heterogeneous sharding, scalability, and community governance.

From 2017 onwards, I was responsible for the vast majority of Proof-of-Stake and consensus code for Polkadot and Substrate, including the code for parachain consensus.

During this time I participated in protocol design and implementation and learned to build and run developer teams.

Prior Projects


I was a core developer on the Parity-Ethereum client from 2016 to 2018. We helped to advance the Ethereum space substantially by authoring the first viable alternative Ethereum node other than geth.


A Polkadot-focused blockchain investment fund. I co-founded this but am no longer involved.