Introducing NOMT

The Nearly-Optimal Merkle Trie

Coprocessor Market Structure: Cryptoeconomic vs ZK

Cost differentials create opportunity

Nearly Optimal State Merklization (in Polkadot-SDK)

Building upon ideas for a novel Merkle Trie database

Hybrid Chains: Every Chain Should Have Smart Contracts

An exploration of Hybrid Chains, a new approach to blockchain construction that bring the advantages of both app-chains and smart-contract chains

Polkadot: Blockspace over Blockchains

A deep dive into the new concept of blockspace, how to evaluate different blockspace offerings, and how Polkadot navigates the efficient frontier of blockspace production

Rob for Council

I’m running for the Polkadot council. My address is 13Gdmw7xZQVbVoojUCwnW2usEikF2a71y7aocbgZcptUtiX9.

Blockchains, Rules, and Reciprocity

An examination of blockchains in the context of human society, rule-based systems, social paradoxes, and law